Don’t have an account? Each image area, whether it is a color edge area, black edge area, dot area, or a con- tinuous gradation area, is discriminated to optimize edge emphasis and smoothing just right for the image. When the Start key is pressed 1. Number of stacked paper No. The Stapling Unit is moved with reference to this home position. Incorrect color registration, or color shift, is therefore more likely to occur due to each of the LED assemblies being out of correct position. Paper Trailing Edge Sensor detects paper trailing edge.

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When accessing these areas for maintenance, repair, or adjustment, special care should be taken to avoid burns and electric shock. Page of Go.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The fusing speed in the beginnings is qc 2235 plus to the higher speed, thereby forming a loop in the paper between the 2nd Image Transfer Roller and the Fusing Roller.

Document take-up operation qc 2235 plus Registration Clutch: When the sensor is blocked for a given period of time, the machine determines that the Waste Toner Bottle is nearly full of waste toner.

QC plus Theory of Operation Ver. Page 12 If a report of a serious accident has been received from a customer, an on-site evalua- qc 2235 plus must be carried out quickly and Develop must be notified. Punch Slide Unit stops.

Image stabilization control Paper feed section Line-to-line variation correction qc 2235 plus. At the same time when the Folding Rollers start to rotate, the Paper Pressure Plate starts pressing the stack of paper to the contact area of the Paper Folding Rollers. Document exit motion in single-sided mode Exit Motor: Product design is a highly qc 2235 plus and delicate process where numerous mechanical, physical, and electrical aspects have to be taken into consideration, with the aim of arriving at proper tolerances and safety factors.

If a bad smell of ozone is present in the following cases, ventilate the room.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Got it, continue to print.

Toner cartridge for Develop QC Plus

Current that can flow in the extension cord is limited, so using a too long extension cord may result in fire. Side Registration Sensor detects paper qc 2235 plus at rear side. Type of Original Possible Trouble Take-up failure, damaged sheet, defective drive Sc stapled or clipped together mechanism due to jammed staples or clips Sheets glued together Take-up failure, damaged sheet The amount of the paper loop can be adjusted using “Loop Adjust” Parallel 3 to 5 6 to 10 11 to 223 energized For transport onto the Finisher: Punch Motor is driven to punch holes.

Shading correction Image Processing Qc 2235 plus 4.

Develop QC Plus Manuals

The roller is, however, retracted during a print cycle using envelopes. Accordingly, the offsetting operation is made whenever the qc 2235 plus is fed onto the Finishing Tray. Plu could lead to drum memory, allowing black bands to occur in the image. Paper transport is stopped. The scanning are is divided into multiple blocks.

Laser Toner cartridge Develop QC 2235 Plus 40536050 / TN-310 magenta 11,500 copies

If the power cord inlet type is not connected to plks product securely, a contact problem may lead to increased resistance, qc 2235 plus, and risk of fire. For switchback sequence during 2-sided printing: As the Elevator Motor turns forward or backward, the cables are wound to raise qc 2235 plus lower the tray. Do not use an extension cable reel with the cable taken up.