Both happen when the tray has been over loaded. But, as soon as the warranty expired, it stopped working. Hello, my name is Steve and working on this particular Samsung has a problem with the Separation pad assembly in the media tray. Before I pitch this into the dump I thought I’d try to post a question. The click your hearing leads me to the gear first but could be both as thats what I usually see. Hello, I tried to post this last night but I don’t think it went through so excuse me if this is a duplicate.

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Mary, did you find a fix for your paper feed problem which, I think, is the problem? I have always used genuine, non remanufactured, toner cartridges.

Samsungs replacement shaft has bee reinforced. As I know, the Samsung printer ML’s toner cartridge is physically same as Samsung multi-functional machine SCX’s cartridge; the samsung ml-1710 print between the two type cartrdiges is the samsung ml-1710 print, the ML’s cartridge does not need the fuse to work.

Basandanos el la informacion limitad, nos parece que no es problema con la impresora, sino que la computadora sigue mandando la orden de imprimir. It works normal now.

Samsung ML-1710P User Manual: Solving Print Quality Problems

Anyone got any ideas??? Hope it works for you too.

I samsyng paper in and it started working again so far, just printed 6 pages, vs the zero samsung ml-1710 print all last week. So I pulled out the samsung ml-1710 print tray this time, and looked for the plate. I had severe feed problems, a sheet got stuck midway in and no amount of cleaning changed anything. Just found this thread after my ML stopped pulling the paper through.

Paper is the enemy of rubber, in time it will glaze rubber componets in a printer especially in the pick up assembly. I have the same problem.

Printer Driver For Samsung ML – Printer Driver In Computer

Graphics print but a bitmapped and show gray background. I just cancelled my order for a new printer.

Thanks a million for your comments above and for any help you can offer. I tried pushing the tray down so it clicked and now it’s printing again! I’ve had this problem numerous times before in two different ways. My ml stops when sheet of paper is half way out. Samsung ml-1710 print gets my printer back to work flawlessly at no cost. I have the same problem after print pages. I opened up my printer, found the broken gears with the spring attached and the twisted shaft.

The fuse is NOT required on theand samdung no way interferes with it either. My ML has worked samsung ml-1710 print for years.

This way, will enhance the grip of rubber roller to the paper in the tray. It seems the added samsung ml-1710 print is what is needed. Also e-mailed Samsung, but no response. Cartridge is relatively new. Now, the print image is too light.

Unable to print on Windows 10 using Samsung ML Laser printer – Microsoft Community

I was told a kit was not available for this samsung ml-1710 print. Hi Does anyone know what type of fuse is required on the SCX range? Please let me know if you find a way to resolve this problem. There is also a spring inside the gear assy. My printer tries to start up and then crashes samsjng a red led and paper jam.