Plus in a bind it can hold both hinged and chain cuffs. Minimum System Requirements for PC: A note in the FAQ indicates that some users have reported good results with these discs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The whole unit is enclosed in a soft nylon case with shoulder strap and a zip pocket for mics, leads etc. Tamrac Cases has a huge selection of carrying pouches, many quite suited for on-the-go MD wear.

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Yamaha XG – Wikipedia

These devices feature an effects processing system with individual stereo reverb and chorus effects on any of 16 channels, and sounx ability to route any of the yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card through an additional ‘insertion’ effect, and even guitar amp and wah-wah pedal simulations. Sony’s official page for this unit. A small hand held or mic stand mounted cardioid single point stereo caed with flexible arms that can be easily plugged into any recorder DAT, Mini Disc or analog that has “plug in power” at the microphone input jack.

They feature a fully foam lined lid to keep mini discs in place. A table lists older Sharp portable MD accessories. Neato’s ordering page for yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card item. Small adapter with 2 digital connectors detaches from top inner corner of card as shipped and mounts in extra port opening found ymf44b back of PC case. Core Sound can be reached by phone in the USA at: Strive to inform the reader and allow them to make an educated choice.

Case Logic has a page for their equipment. Fully scriptable with Applescript, create and manage playlists, Channel Guides, upload and download IR codes from free online library. cafd

Also available from Nic Boyde. This mounting option is available on most binaural mics system and on the Premium Slimline microphone systems. Martin Borus’ information about this case. Cassette Adapters Picture Maker Desc. There is also a 12V power pass-thru for powering an optional external box from internal PC power e.

The specific problem is: Optical to coax, and coax to optical converters available. Needs external power supply. Cue-master “Pro” web site.

Machine translated manufacturer’s homepage for the CatchSound. A Japanese Sony shop’s page for the unit. Colorado Sound N’ Light, N. Electret microphone element Sensitivity: Internal battery operation only. The Sound Professionals mixers page. Core Sound’s CO2 page.

Can be used with most video cameras as well, but check your unit before purchasing. MIDIman’s page for this product. Views Read Edit View history. Useful for connecting a CD or sound card with coax digital output to an MD recorder with optical input.

Ikea has store locator.

MiniDisc Accessories Table

Audio Technica’s AT technical data and specifications. The whole unit is enclosed in a soft nylon case with shoulder strap and a zip pocket for mics, leads etc. Carc XG also has a synthesizer that provides a 32 note polyphonic feature which is shared through yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card supported 16 MIDI channels.

Nigel Pond has made a detailed review of several digital format converters. Hitmall sells this device in North America. Its just nice because its small and sony.

This unit is ideal for reporters, journalists, students, law enforcement officials and lectures. A cassette adapter that allows use of MD players, CD players etc.

Small, high quality microphones mounted completely inside a set of Croakies. Yamaha xg ymf744b v sound card Sound Professionals preamp page. Also see ordering information for the iMic. Holds MDs in their jackets50 per row, 5 rows wide.

Harmony Central’s page for the unit. Commercial version of the “Laff’s Headbanger” headphone amplifier as seen on the Mini Disc Community pages.

Generally compatible with all MD units. Software also allows a library i.