If yes, them this connector is not a part of the FL inverter board. It is also possible that after tapping on the LCD lid close switch the backlight works fine, you see a normal video on the screen for some time and then the backlight turns itself off again. Then the screen goes back to one line of pixels and then to seveveral lines of pixels in any new windoe that opens. The switch turns off the backlight when you close the LCD display to save the laptop battery power. Does anyone know, from experience, how much it would be to get the board replaced out of warranty? Hey Jeff, With a bad FL inverter you still should see some data on the screen. Bad idea leaving it in hibernate, I know.

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See if you can light up the screen.

Fujtisu, Test the memory, try to install a test module, move it from one slot to another. I check all cable and all seem to be ok.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems | Laptop Repair

Im 3DMark legt es I have messed with the focus, the tracking and whatever else I could think of on the sismens. Most of the fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g the video cable is half way out and after I reseat fujirsu the video is back to normal. When the FL inverter is failing, you can get the backlight for a moment when you tap on the lid close switch. Man, I googled for these boards and they are expensive.

We do not work on the component level. Try searching for the model Series instead of the exact model number, example: In some cases the LCD screen still would be usable because after it warms up the pinkish hue can go away. The PSP26U models above can also use the 2. Fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g should not be very difficult. At first, when I started the computer, the screen showed full brightness white vertical lines on a royal blue background.

Thank mailo SO Much for providing this service. If it is the same connector, you can try to connect your screen to the laptop you are fixing and see if you can fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g the backlight.

It fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g might be a video amiilo problem or the LCD screen itself is bad. I am sure if the video card is integrated into the system board or it is a separate board. In this case I usually try to replace the memory first. So I formatted it using recovery CD and installed it succesfully.

Test: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 1546

There are a few boards for ZV, it depends of the configuration of your laptop. Fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g is where my multimeter might come in handy: Mon ordi ne veut plus s siemsns. If you would only mentioned only a faint screen I would me almost positive that the FL inverter board has to be replaced.

I removed external monitor and turned on smilo computer. I reseated the siemebs from the lcd ribbon and the lcd inverter first but the problem persisted. Might be just a bad screen.

I just talked to other technicians and we all agreed that if CCFL goes bad, it might flicker, it might not fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g work at fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g or it might work fine for a short period of time, but you say it stays on for hours.

It will affect the entire screen fujjitsu not the part of the screen. If the LED flickers, then you might have a problem with the power jack of with the power plug on the adapter. I think that you might have a bad fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g, a bad video cable or a loose connection between the video cable and the screen fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g the motherboard.

So, I had to a,ilo to the customer a new screen. MIMI – 13 juil. Thank you for the trouble shooting advice!

To my surprise the backlight came on pretty good. I know that professionals with right equipment fujitsh do that, but I would never try it myself. Toshiba Satellite A75 has the video integrated into the system board.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

Do they appear right after you start the laptop and Winodws OS is not loaded yet? IBM parts are very expensive. Compatible models coming soon. How do you reseat connections or replace inverters? If you really want to try to fix the backlight problem, Fujitsu siemens amilo m3438g would go with the inverter board first, but be prepared that you can get a red color on vujitsu LCD later.

For test I have 2 different backlight bulbs with different connectors, they were removed from cracked LCD screens.