Our Mini Disc Cases are available in 3 sizes: Avoid information that is likely to need frequent revision e. Mic capsule mounted on a flexible gooseneck that can be positioned in any direction. The Sound Professionals’ accessories page. This unit is ideal for reporters, journalists, students, law enforcement officials and lectures. Cleaner discs are available from: Auxiliary input adapter for Unilink car stereos, allowing perfect connection of MD portables to a Sony car stereo.

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MiniDisc Accessories Table

Ultimate UK and Minidisco carry them. Panasonic’s Japanese page for this unit.

Needs external power supply. The Sound Professionals’ accessories page. These devices feature an effects processing system with individual stereo reverb and chorus effects on any of 16 channels, and the ability to route any of the channels through an additional ‘insertion’ effect, and even guitar amp yamaha xg ymf744b v wah-wah pedal simulations. This mounting option is available on most binaural yamaha xg ymf744b v system and on the Premium Slimline microphone systems.

All transfers conducted in realtime. Same ear fits left or right sides because of dual mounting points per ear. Marenius has an English page for this unit. Premium 30 pore per inch, foam. Digimate’s page for this unit. Following the article about the German fellow using Ferrero Rochers’ boxes as MD cases, I noticed that the g boxes 30 Rochers sold by Ferrero in France are the ideal solution to store 20 MDs with their cases.

Printers Picture Name Desc. Cassette Adapters Picture Maker Desc.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then you can go about your business in Windows with the “bings and such” going to your soundcard while Winamp y,f744b to the Xitel DG-x [or whatever USB interface you are using].

Chris Cooper has yamaha xg ymf744b v a MiniDisc jacket label template for use with Filemaker Pro, it prints 4 labels at a time on Avery label sheets. Martin Borus’ information about this case. You can buy optical cables with any combination of xy two [male] connectors at the ends.

Though too small to touch type on, and lacking even 1 key rollover, makes MD titling much quicker. Die-cut labels supplied on sheets for use in laser printers not recommended for inkjet printersor, ymf744v for inkjet printers.

Sony’s official page for this unit. Holds maximum of 92 MDs. DIY plans for the earlier EasyTitle 1. They also have a kit for you to build in yourself this anti-SCMS system.

Made of leather, waterproof and specially made for each model of MD. Retrieved from ” https: Microphone preamplifier for use with recorders that have no mic input Sony MZ-R or with recorders that have no mic sensitivity switch many new Sony models Links: The Sound Professionals mic cases page. Small, high quality Cardioid microphones mounted in Walkman style headphones. Opcode equipment is carried by The Sound Professionals. Yamaha MU80 Tone Generator. Views Read Edit View yamaha xg ymf744b v.

Case Logic has a page for yamaha xg ymf744b v equipment. High quality optical cable ymff744b to connect digital equipment together.

Coupled with their tone-generator, both devices included an on-board 4MB sound bank chip of sampled instruments and became highly desirable among MIDI fans due to their crisp, high-quality sounds similar yamaha xg ymf744b v the newer models of Roland Sound Canvas [ citation needed ].