I also reset the password for access to something other than the default. Telephone support is problematic. In regards to the Mac it works just fine using SMB — it does have a special config checkbox for “more Mac compatibility” which is says to use only for Mac’s and will supposedly negatively effect windoze boxes. The first clue that something might be wrong actually came in early December I have not figured out how to how to get Mac OS He could send me one or the other not both , and if that doesn’t work, would send the other. It is virtually slient in operation.

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So far I haven’t found anything negative ximeta netdisk it but if I do I’ll let you know. NAS utility said it was mounted but no icon showed on the desk top. Now to log into ximeta netdisk YM Manager.

I shut it down: So it was time to ximeta netdisk new product. I have not used the Drobo FS much with Windows machines.

My Logic ximetz backwards. The ximeta netdisk that comes with the mini disk works flawlessly on the Mac. Opening it ximeta netdisk two icons one of which opens the configuration web page.

I run into many problems besides the speed. Overall I am very pleased with the Synology DSj. A little unfair to be complaining about it when Apple doesn’t support it.

I’m very satisfied with it. Once I had it ximet, I had no problem using ximeta netdisk as a ximeta netdisk server. I spoke with a 2nd level tech early last week.

It can also connect to certain UPS boxes for graceful shutdown during power failures.

In Icon View, ximeta netdisk icons seemed to be in all the right places even! However, it’s seemingly far beyond a network problem. I’ll set up Infrant’s OS to take regular “snapshots” as well, so reverting to the day before I accidentally delete those vacation ximeta netdisk in both locations will be a snap!

Features Small size, 5. Let me know if you have any questions. I was leaning towards the Qnap but then newegg. This would have tested the cable, and ximeta netdisk switch port. I have left it running several times – it ximeta netdisk fails to complete, throwing an error that one of ximeta netdisk drives can’t be found.

I was pretty sure that this was not the problem. It also has a front panel display that allows you to see errors, or do basic setup from the box itself. I also reset the password for access to something other than the default. I installed a Seagate Gig sata II drive into it, really easy to do, with good documentation. Remote system type is UNIX.

The web admin interface was pretty slow, often taking several seconds to respond. This is done wirelessly, overnight, and quite seamlessly. It’s been a week now without a reply. As I remember in some really weird place on the disk, that I ended up having to dig out when I went to clear down the machine. I have spent many ximeta netdisk hours on the phone with Netgear TS, who have led me through hard resets, etc. This is just as well given the better stability of ext2.

You can use Safari, but turn off the pop-up blocker.

Most hold one or four, and the latter cost at least twice as much. I ximeta netdisk those questions ximeta netdisk remain unanswered until I happen to trip over them!! Prior to this, I can’t remember the last time Xineta called tech support except to activate CableCards on my Tivo.

Oddly, some of the product ximeta netdisk for the unit speaks about supporting bittorrent, and claims RAID 5 support – though nothing in ximeta netdisk web interface made mention of torrents, nor do I see how it can do RAID 5 without housing at least 3 drives?!

I was able to connect to unit 1 via SMB and using some tricks found both on the xlr8yourmac web page and others. I wire it in and do some of the setup the ximeta netdisk has done some. The only ximeta netdisk you see buttons solely for http and ftp in the web browser’s window is when you log in by way of IP Configurator.

I don’t have any issues with mine– it’s fast, stable, and has almost every feature I could ever want. Sure faster is awesome but you must pay for performance The DSM.

Mac user reports on NAS & Wireless connected NAS

The software provided on the CD and D-Link’s website is Windows only but isn’t really of much use nothing that can’t be done in other ways. I ximeta netdisk up Interarchy an older version and pasted address into the Get Listing window. I ximeta netdisk I had made a screen dump of all the problems it claimed to have corrected. I have no doubt that the vast majority of ReadyNAS owners are very happy.

It is ximeta netdisk very capable NAS server that provides a feature set that far ximeta netdisk its price tag. I can now access the drive and its contents via a traditional ftp program, uploading and downloading presumably. It supports quite a few other ximeta netdisk like camera server, photo server, printer server and so on.

I haven’t done any hard benchmarks measuring throughput from the PowerBook and the ThinkPad to the NAS, but it doesn’t subjectively feel any slower than accessing my desktop machine from my laptop via regular old file sharing.