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He places the cube on his side of the board with the number 2 face up. The captains plays for the team, and has the final say on all checker-play decisions.

His opponent may refuse and give up the current stakes now two units or he may accept and continue play at quadruple the initial stakes. White rolls and bears off two checkers. That triggers the Crawford rule, and no doubling is allowed in the next game, Game 4.

When a player is doubled, he may immediately redouble beaver while retaining possession of the cube. A player who is offered a double may refusein which case he concedes the game and pays one point. Once a player has moved all of his fifteen checkers into his home board, he may dpwnload bearing off.

Backgammon Rules

Each member of the team has his own doubling cube. It is sometimes simply called the cube. The roll of the dice indicates how many points, or pipsthe player is to move his checkers. To determine the order of play, players each throw one die, and rerolls are used as needed to break ties.

Backgammon Basics – And How To Play

There is no limit to the number of doubles and redoubles in a single game, except that no player may double twice in a row. The number 2 represents the fact that the stakes are now doubled.

During the course of the game, a player who feels he has a sufficient advantage may propose doubling the how to play backgammon pdf download. A doubling cubewith the numerals 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on its faces, how to play backgammon pdf download used to keep track of the current stake of the game.

The Crawford rule was devised by John R. What is the ace-point? This rule speeds up play by eliminating situations where a player avoids doubling so he can play on for a gammon. The first player to bear off all of their checkers wins the game. Thus, rolling a 6 permits the player to remove a checker from the six point. A doubling cube is a cubical block, a little larger than a regular die, with the how to play backgammon pdf download 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 printed on its faces.

The dice must be rolled together and land flat on the surface of the right-hand section of the board. The first player to bear off all of their checkers wins the game. The Crawford rule is a standard part of match play.

If the game later turns around and the player who owns the cube feels he now has an advantage, he may redouble the stakes to 4. If neither of the points is open, the player loses his turn. A board with the checkers in their initial position.

Used with permission from Backgammon Galore, http: Competitors are paired off, and each pair plays a series of games to decide which player progresses to the next round of the tournament.

If an opposing checker lands on a blot, the blot is hit and placed on the bar. When backgammon tournaments are held to determine an overall winner, the usual style of competition is match play. The cube stays in the middle but now the first voluntary double of the game will be offered at 4. This determines both the player to go first and the numbers to be played.

The Crawford rule is an intelligent compromise. A player who rolls doubles plays the numbers shown on the dice twice. However, if the loser has not borne off any of his checkers, he is gammoned and loses twice the value of the doubling cube. If a player refuses how to play backgammon pdf download redouble, he must pay the number of points that were at stake prior to the redouble.

When is consulting allowed? The captain becomes the new box, and the next player in line hoe the new captain. The first player to get all their checkers off the board backgamon the winner. To how to play backgammon pdf download the game, each player throws a single die.

Otherwise, he becomes the new owner of the cube and the game continues at twice the previous stakes. A point occupied by a single checker of either color is called a blot.

A new player starts at the bottom of the rotation.

Backgammon – MSN Games – Free Online Games

The position of the cube means that player now owns the doubling cube and only he may make the next double. In the case of a tie, you both roll again. White wins 2 points 6 4 In this example, White and Black are playing a 5-point match. If the captain drops out while there are others on the team who wish to play on, the captaincy is assumed by one of these players and the previous captain drops to the bottom of the rotation.

Otherwise, he must accept the double and play on for the new higher stakes. In a single-cube game, the only decision that the members of the team make individually concerns takes. The player throwing the higher number now moves his checkers according to how to play backgammon pdf download numbers showing on both dice.

Those who how to play backgammon pdf download out each pay off to the box and no longer participate as team advisers.

Gammons and backgammons count only as a single game if neither player has offered a double during the course of the game.