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How can I get it set up the way it was? Buggins April 15, at 7: Please learn more about iCloud here: This feature appears dwonload the better look and become smarter now. Denys Kisch-Walters April 16, at 3: Your email address will not be published.

This Apple iPhone 6 Manual will help you to learn the new features of your smartphone better. The iPhone 6 User guide will show you about how the software works for you.

Steven March 25, at 3: Hi Mike Sachse, You can save this pdf to your pc, please usdr the download button on the top right on the pdf reader above. Official iPhone 6 User Guide Pdf: Please advise me as to how I can fix this problem.

Where to Download iPhone Manuals for Every Model

Passcode for old phone was 2 digits shorter; how do I get into phone to create new passcode? I want to know where the automatic screen that used to come from the bottom with a flashlight might be. Ueer Harp May 20, at 6: The iphone 6 user guide pdf download perk of a new iPhone 6s is 3D Touch. New iPhone 6s requests passcode.

The smooth metal surface and the new Retina HD display will give you dodnload best user experience. Angela April 1, at Please learn about new iPhone on iPhone 8 User Guide.

Apple iPhone 6 User Guide and Manual Instructions

Steven March 25, at 3: Mike Sachse March 15, at 2: Says iPhone is disabled for 42 minutes. Maxine Evers June 1, at 9: One more interesting thing about iOS 8 is about the phone feature. That additional information will be explained more as follow. Josiah November 29, at My husband phone has real big numbers, you can not open or slide it. Home Manual Pdf Advertisement. Almost everyday my new iphone 6 plus hangs up.

Everything else is great, what is the problem with putting a simple pdf manual on your website for people who need a hard copy document? All you need is just telling it to Siri and it will do it for iphone 6 user guide pdf download.

iPhone 6s Manual User Guide and Instructions

Laura November 24, at 4: Jane Hindman April 23, at Downoad was a User Iphone 6 user guide pdf download not included with the purchase of my i6 phone? Although they are big, they are the best iPhone generation. I have the same problem. Donwload Cromwell June 12, at 3: Theresa November 21, at 3: Can stride length be adjusted? What do I do? With the better design, the better software and the new features, iPhone 6 offers the new user experience.

Welcome to iPhone 6s Manual website. You might wanna look at that.

Mort November 7, at 4: To learn and setup your iPhone 6 please visit our iPhone 6 setup guide and tutorial list: New iPhone 8 user? I have a new little icon at the top of my screen by the battery symbol of a lock with a circle around it.