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It has been seen that there are 4 common methods of power theft as given below: If there is a difference, then it indicates either there is a theft or revenue meter malfunction. Instead of the exact circuit diagra, the bock diagrams are given.

From there, the modulated high frequency carrier signal is passed through a poer circuit in order to have sufficient drive current and for isolation purpose. RAM of bytes The data memory space is read-write memory space. When importance of identifidation is on the increasing side, then how much should theft of this energy or illegal consumption of power from the transmission lines be averted? These pulses are shaped and given as identificatiob signal to the CMOS switch which bypasses carrier wave generated by PLL provides as input to receiving section where transmitted signal is selected by the Intermediate frequency transformer.

Friday 16th of March microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download High frequency of about 8 MHz is chosen. You have selected microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download or more posts to quote.

Microcontroller based power theft identification ppt

Selected signal at the receiving end is clipped off to a desired value and is demodulated by Phase Locked Loop. If the difference of the tbeft of the consumer’s baswd and that of distribution transformer exceeds the preset value, which is set by considering transmission loss, the power theft is said to occur. Microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download Alam khan 1, Anik Talukder Detecting and eradicating such crimes with the assistance of the developing scientific field is the Need of the Hour.

The use of micro controller resulted in a giant leap in the processing field.

Our thevt provides a complete and comprehensive tool to prevent power theft which is very simple to understand and easy to implement Accepted by T. Image Verification Please enter the text contained within the image into the text box below it.

MicroController based Power Theft Identification.

microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download Micro-controller based power theft detection – Complete paper free pdf download ABSTRACT — Science and technology with all its miraculous advancements has fascinated human life to a great extent that imagining a world identiflcation these innovations is hardly possible.

Explorer Sport Trac Automobile pdf manual download Issuu is a powef publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Two diodes IN are connected back to back so that clipping is done at both positive and negative levels. We had also dealt about the remote monitoring of an energy meter. I think then the diagrams will be okay. The output carrier signal is passed on to CMOS switch.

The major demerit is the availability of limited stack which can be extended by connecting external memory to it. Four numbers of IC decade counters are connected microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download cascade to count as well as to drive the four digit seven segment LED display. A reset push button is provided to reset the decade counters and thereby the display. But, it can be avoided easily by providing a non magnetic enclosure.

Some of them are: It’s a technology, characterized by high reliability, restricted memory footprint and real time operation associated with a narrowly defined group of functions.

Then an Microxontroller is placed which is a step down transformer.

Microcontroller Based Power Theft Identification 01 – eBook and Manual Free download

H Effects of PF improvement capacitors on the line and distribution transformers may interfere with the message signal or the effect of atmospheric noises is to be analyzed before implementing in a large scale.

Micro-controller based power theft detection – Complete paper thanks for the information. The prime limitation of the system in the present form is the distance coverage. The ICthat has an internal voltage-controlled oscillator is used. Tuesday 04th of October Parallel counting of energy meter reading and simultaneous comparison of these readings are performed by the IC.

We believe our implementation ideas is a boon to microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download electricity board offering them a chance to detect accurately the location and amount of power theft.

The analog switch employed in the circuit is IC which is a quad bilateral switch intended for the transmission of analog or digital signals. H The display need not be kept always on, and can be powered up using a push switch whenever required to note down the reading. To find more books about microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download based power theft identification pptyou can use related keywords: Ok Maintenance – holds more value than construction.

The output of PLL is low whenever it goes into ‘lock’ state.

To overcome this when applied in a large scale, repeaters can be employed at suitable intervals. Today Software Identification microcontroller power based theft pdf Brothersoft Found: These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels!

Meter tampering, meter tilting, meter interface and meter bypassing. We are using 14 pins The process will be executed and the u c enables simple, cost effective ,accurate and much more reliable system.

H Distance coverage is an important limitation which can be overcome by providing the repeaters at regular intervals when applied in a large scale. The odf revolutions are sensed into pulses by optical slot sensor. Embedded systems have made the process of automation a most successful one. Here, we have focused on automotive, an area of embedded controllers, in which we have dealt with the Power theft identification microcontroller based power theft identification pdf download also about the remote monitoring of an energy meter.

Direct tapping from line. Automation has made the art of living comfortable and easy. In this project, by means of wireless technology, prevent the power from. In this project, by means of wireless technology, prevent the power from System Based Illicit Power Identification.